• Prince Harry mourns Queen Elizabeth II
  • Harry is allowed to wear a military uniform after all
  • Is this a gesture of reconciliation from King Charles?

Prince Harry (38) wore always a suit at appearances after Queen Elizabeth's death, while, for example, his brother Prince William (40) appeared in a military uniform. Only working members of the royal family are allowed to wear the uniform.

Prince Harry in uniform after all: a gesture of reconciliation from Charles?

Since Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan (41) took a step back from royal duties, he was stripped of his military titles and thus his right to wear the uniform.

Now King Charles III. (73) has made an exception. Harry is allowed to come to the wake on Sunday in military uniform. "At the King’s request, they will both be in uniform. The other grandchildren will be in Morning Coat and Dark Formal Dress with Decorations," an insider is quoted as saying by The Sun.

So for the 15 minutes that Prince Harry will be standing in Westminster Hall next to his seven cousins and his brother, he can -contrary to original assumptions - wear the uniform.

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Whether this one-off permission is a sign of reconciliation between Prince Harry and King Charles III, we aren't certain. The difficult days after the Queen's death were at least characterized by the unity of the royals. Prince Harry's uncle, the controversial Prince Andrew (62), is also given special permission to wear his military uniform.