• Prince Harry is leaving for England in a few days
  • His father King Charles spoke to him on the phone
  • Will the two finally reconcile?

In what promises to be the event of the year, on May 6 King Charles III will be officially crowned and Prince Harry will also be there for it. So far, royal fans have assumed that the visit for the royals with Harry would not be exactly pleasant. But now there's a ray of hope in the horizon! And why is that exactly?

Can the family come together again?

Because Prince Harry is said to have had a phone conversation with his father, as reported by the British newspaper 'The Sun' on Sunday. The two are said to have spoken before Harry's commitment to participate in the coronation ceremony.

Also interesting:

According to insiders, both sides had expressed the wish to "improve their relationship" which is certainly good news all around. Charles and Harry are said to have gotten closer again...

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