• King Charles III will finally be crowned on May 6
  • Plans for the three-day Coronation weekend were revealed
  • There's a mix of excitement and outrage about the event

New details have emerged about the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III. It's shaping up to be a huge event – but not everyone is looking forward to it! 

Beginning on May 6, Charles and Camilla will be officially crowned at Westminster Abbey. That'll be followed by a procession and an appearance at Buckingham Palace. 

The three-day festivities also include a "dazzling" concert and street parties in honour of the new King, according to the Daily Mail. But...

King Charles: Outrage over spending on the Coronation

While royal fans and well-wishers are excited for the big weekend, critics have been especially loud about the Coronation plans. 

Many are unhappy about the presumably large budget for the Coronation amid cost-of-living struggles in the UK. 

This reveal of the full Coronation plan received fierce pushback online. The hashtag "#AbolishTheMonarchy" even trended on Twitter.

Also interesting:

"4 million children live in poverty in this country and we have to pay for this," one commenter said of the Coronation. 

The Palace is also seeking volunteers for Coronation Day, which struck a nerve with some.

A notable anti-monarchist group responded: "This is so patronising. Millions of people volunteer every week, while Charles sits around enjoying luxury paid for by us. Perhaps he can mark the coronation by apologising and giving all that money back."

Despite all the noise, expect Coronation Day to go ahead as planned in May. Royal watchers are also waiting to see if Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will attend the event...

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