• King Charles III took the throne in September 2022
  • His official Coronation ceremony isn't until May 2023
  • Looks like the Palace wants a big budget for the event

Queen Elizabeth II passed the throne to her son Charles in September, but he won't officially be crowned in a formal ceremony until May 6 at Westminster.

Initially, it had been assured that the scale of the event would be reduced considerably in terms of the cost and the number of people invited.

King Charles long ago outlined a plan to modernize the monarchy. It rests on two principles: austerity and fewer members of the Royal Family receiving public funds.

Coronation: Is King Charles going against his own rules? 

However, it seems that strategy changed after Buckingham Palace saw the immense attention paid worldwide to the Queen's funeral.

So the Palace assumes that the King's Coronation will be a unique opportunity to promote the Institution and the "Great Britain" brand.

Also interesting:

Despite this, King Charles says he is very aware of current crises like the rising cost of living, so he wants every penny to be accounted for.

It is likely that the guest list will be much smaller than the one Queen Elizabeth had in her day.

Otherwise, they will only eliminate from the ceremony items that are considered old-fashioned or cumbersome...

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