• 2022 is coming to an end
  • More than a few royals passed away over the year
  • We lost Queen Elizabeth II and other European royals

Another year has passed. And unfortunately, the world lost more than a few members of royal families in 2022.

Most notably, Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September. The world mourned her loss at the age of 96. Her cause of death was found to be "old age."

UK, Germany, and more: The royals we lost in 2022

But Queen Elizabeth II wasn't the only royal to pass in 2022. In memoriam, here are all the royals we lost over the year. (See photos in the video above.)

In January, the Italian and Austrian royal Archduchess Margherita passed away at age 91. The Countess of Paris, Micaela, died in March 2022. She was 83. 

The same month, Prince Karl of Hesse passed on, aged 84. Prince Karl was a nephew of the late Prince Philip, having been born to his sister Princess Sophie.

Also interesting:

The Germans lost another royal in Prince Rüdiger of Saxony just a few days after Karl of Hesse.

Then on April 2, 2022, came the death of Archduchess Maria Immaculata of Austria-Tuscany. She died at her family's castle in Germany.

Germany's head of the House of Württemberg, Prince Carl, passed away in June. He lived to be 85.

Father Florian, a Bavarian royal and religious leader, was only 65 at the time of his death in June 2022.

They won't soon be forgotten. See pictures and more in the video above.