• King Charles III's coronation is happening on May 6
  • Prince Harry will be there, but Meghan won't
  • Charles is reportedly sad about the whole thing

Apart from an amazing guest list, there are notable VIPs who will not be participating as well. The controversial Prince Harry will, in fact, be there for his father's big day, but his wife Duchess Meghan will not be. She will be staying back in California celebrating her son Archie's fourth birthday.

Meghan could have made up with Charles right there!

For royal fans, that's not too shocking. What might be, however, is that King Charles is apparently sad about Meghan not being there. Royal sources close to the Palace have confirmed to 'US Weekly' that Charles is rather very upset that Meghan won't be in attendance.

Also interesting:

"Charles is sad that Meghan will not be in attendance. Charles was hoping the coronation would be a chance to better connect and maintain healing between them, the source said." If this is true, then it's rather unfortunate that Meghan won't be there. Royal fans would love to see a reconciliation...

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