• King Charles continues his mother's traditions
  • So he hires the same bagpiper
  • There is a touching story behind it

King Charles honors the legacy of his late mother. Now he holds on to a tradition that was very important to The Queen - that would have surely touched her.

King Charles hired the bagpiper Major Paul Burns 

The king hired the bagpiper, Major Paul Burns, to wake him up every day with his playing - Queen Elizabeth also woke up to the sounds every morning at nine o'clock.

At The Queen's funeral, Major Paul Burns was also given a special task. While the Queen's coffin was being lowered into the crypt of St. George's Chapel, he played her favorite song, 'Sleep, Dearie, Sleep.' The same song that was played for the Queen every morning, according to CNN.

Also Interesting:

"The King was full of admiration for how he carried out his duty for the Queen." an insider told The Sun

From now on, King Charles also wants to be accompanied by the sounds of the bagpipes every morning at nine o'clock, no matter where he goes. This royal tradition has existed since 1843.

Major Paul Burns began his service on October 4th, as he played his instrument in front of the monarch's window. From now on he will also accompany him on trips.

Every morning when the bagpipes sound, Charles will think of his beloved mother and do his work as a king.