• King Harald and Queen Sonja release new statement
  • Amid King Harald's hospitalization
  • They share positive update

Norway's very own King Harald V has been the talk of the town, and not for the usual regal reasons! After a health hiccup in Malaysia, our King is back on Norwegian soil, and the updates are juicier than a palace scandal!

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It's not just about crowns and thrones, folks! King Harald and Queen Sonja (84, Queen Consort) are getting personal, pouring out thanks in a touching message. "We feel a great need to thank you," they say, and the nation's heartstrings are well and truly tugged. The royal couple is feeling the love, and they're not shy about saying it!

Norwegian Royals Visit Copenhagen

From Malaysia to Oslo: A journey of recovery

The royal drama unfolded in exotic Malaysia, but it's the Sultanah Maliha Hospital staff who are getting the royal nod. And let's not forget the Norwegian health heroes who've made the King's journey back smoother than a royal carriage ride. The King and Queen are all about the shout-outs, thanking everyone from the government to the Armed Forces.

Hold on to your hats, because the latest from the Royal House is that King Harald's health is on the up and up! "His Majesty The King's health is steadily improving," they announced, and the nation breathes a collective sigh of relief. With an infection under control and a pacemaker on the agenda, it's all systems go for a royal recovery.

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