• King Frederik returns to Spain
  • For private trip after infamous photos
  • He reportedly traveled to Madrid three weeks ago

Madrid's streets are buzzing with whispers of royalty! King Frederik of Denmark, the dashing monarch, has been spotted sneaking into Spain for some undercover escapades. 'HOLA!', has the scoop that this isn't his first covert operation. "He's practically a local!" exclaimed a source, who spotted the King three weeks ago.

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Controversy and camaraderie: Frederik's famed friendships

Last October, the Spanish press was ablaze with snapshots of Frederik and the stunning Genoveva Casanova, a Mexican socialite whose elegance rivals that of any royal. Despite the rumors, Genoveva (the philanthropist and model) shut down gossip mills, denying any love links with Frederik. The Danish royal household? Mum's the word!


In a twist worthy of a telenovela, Genoveva's ex, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, dropped a bombshell, revealing lawsuits flying left and right. Meanwhile, Genoveva's back on Instagram, sharing life updates and pooch pics, thanking her followers for their love and support during her social media sabbatical.

Royal duties resume amidst the rumor mill

While gossip swirls, King Frederik and his queen, Mary, are back to the grind, resuming royal duties post-break. Roskilde Cathedral witnessed the couple's regal presence, with behind-the-scenes snapshots flooding our feeds. With Frederik's recent ascension to the throne, the royal family is all about business – but the whispers of his Spanish jaunts linger.

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