• Duchess Meghan has always faced a lot of criticism
  • But would Prince Harry's mother, Lady Diana, have joined the critics or would she have liked her daughter-in-law?
  • This is what Lady Di's photographer has to say about that

Would Diana have liked her daughter-in-law Meghan? That's the question that the royals' photographer poses in an interview with the Daily Mail:

Lady Dis Photographer John Swannell: Lady Diana would not have liked Duchess Meghan

John Swannell is the name of the photographer who was responsible for some of the most famous photos of Diana and her sons. He has a clear opinion about Meghan: Diana would not have liked her!

A stark statement that he justifies by saying that Harry was made a puppet by the former actress for her own agenda. 

Also Interesting:

"I don't think she would have liked her because she'd think she'd stolen her son...He's like a puppet now,"  Swannell told the Daily Mail.

"She was a little-known actress and an opportunity came up, and she took it as anybody would. But she's a very smart woman, that's for sure. She's an operator," he added.

How right do you think he is with his opinion? Has he gone too far into speculating things that are flat-out rude? Or is he on to something? Watch out video above to learn all the details.