• Prince George will soon be going to a new school
  • His father and grandfather used to visit them
  • The change is so important for the little heir to the throne

A lot will change for Prince William (40) and his family. They will move to Berkshire near Windsor Castle, where the Queen (96) lives. Above all, Prince George (9) will have to make some changes there. He is about to enter a new chapter in his life.

William and Kate's firstborn son, will be changing schools - to Lambrook School. The school was probably chosen very specifically because the little Prince is supposed to learn a few things there in order to follow in the footsteps of his male ancestors.

This is how important Prince George's change of school is for his future

The sports and cultural offerings at the new school are enormous. Prince George could learn skills like dancing and water sports there. William hopes that this will enable him to prepare his son for the service of the crown – his own father and grandfather, as well as Prince William himself, used establishments such as swimming clubs and dance schools for their training.

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Above all, water sports and the underwater world itself are a passion of the royals. Prince William became President of the British Sub-Aqua Club in 2014 – just like Prince Charles (73) and Prince Philip († 99) before him.

Now little George is being introduced to such tasks. Charlotte (7) will also go to this school, which turns out to be expensive. According to Mirror, Prince William could spend around 84,500 euros a year if Prince Louis (4) also went to school soon. This great training for the heir to the throne will be worth it though!