• The coronation of King Charles is May 6th 
  • Is a tradition being broken?
  • It is still unclear whether Kate and Meghan are wearing tiaras

No tiaras for Duchess Meghan (41) and Princess Kate (41)? The coronation of King Charles might break that tradition, but why?

This coronation could reportedly be less formal than the Queen's in 1953, where nearly all women wore tiaras.

Coronation of King Charles: The dress code is still being debated

It is still unclear whether Princess Kate and Meghan will follow this tradition, as both their outfits for the big event and the general dress code for the coronation are still being debated.

Duchess Kate

It will happen on May 6 in Westminster Abbey and if, as is apparently Charles' wish, everything is more moderate, the guests' regalia will also be much less elaborate.

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Therefore, the royal ladies present, with the exception of Queen Camilla, could refrain from wearing tiaras, as 'Express.uk' reports.

Instead, there's a chance Kate and Meghan, as well as other female royals, could instead wear day hats.