• Queen Elizabeth II will be buried on September 19th
  • Something is different about Duchess Meghan on this day
  • She shows up with more makeup than usual 

Duchess Meghan's makeup at Queen's funeral stands out. Queen Elizabeth II is escorted to her final resting place in Westminster Abbey. Meghan appears at the service with a heavy smoky eye look.

Queen's funeral: Duchess Meghan wears a lot of make-up

As a color of mourning, the British royal family naturally wears black to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her funeral. 

But compared to Duchess Kate or Countess Sophie, the wife of Prince Edward. Duchess Meghan wears a strong eyeshadow. Quite unusual - as she usually wears discreet makeup. This is unusual for her since Prince Harry's wife (37) is otherwise seen wearing subtle make-up at public appearances.

Duchess Meghan

You can also see more pictures of Duchess Meghan's darkly made-up eyes and her full lashes in the video above.

In addition to the beauty look that raises questions, the Duchess has donned earrings that were given to her by Queen Elizabeth II. She wore the same jewelry during the funeral march for the Queen to Westminster Hall.

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