Julie Montagu can provide more insight than most into life as an American and British aristocrat - an experience that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are presently navigating.

The American entrepreneur rose to fame when she married Luke Montagu, the Viscount of Hinchingbrooke, in 2005. She later appeared on the Bravo reality TV series Ladies of London between 2014 and 2017.

Montagu, who has previously defended Harry and Meghan from critics, has now offered her opinion on their move to Los Angeles. "I think that Meghan has slightly Americanized Harry. I love it," she told People magazine.

Julie Montagu, Viscountess of Hinchingbrooke, talks Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan

The royal couple's L.A. move surprised Montagu, but she's in favour of it. "I actually thought they were going to stay in Canada, just because I thought it would be more peaceful for them. I thought it was a good transition country — a good compromise," she told People.

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Montagu went on to address common attacks on the couple, relating to their public appearances and charity work.

"I know they’ve gotten a lot of flack from the press about announcing their new charity and then moving in the middle of COVID-19, but there's a part of me that thinks they're probably thinking moving now would be a good way to try and avoid being the main headline news — in one sense, trying to stay under the radar."

"I don't think they want to be in the news," the Viscountess of Hinchingbrooke added. "They want their projects and the charitable foundations that they support to be in the news, but they themselves don't want to be in the news."

Ladies of London's Julie Montagu on "Megxit" and Harry & Meghan's future online

Montagu further opened up about Prince Harry's royal exit. "I think there are some people thinking that Harry is going to miss royal duties and the lifestyle, and I mean, he may miss parts of it," Montagu told People. "But I think that this is what Harry's always wanted — an escape."

"Anywhere is more private than being a member of the royal family in Britain," she said, which appears to be why she values the suggested "Americanization" of the Duke of Sussex.

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As for how Harry and Meghan might handle a reappearance on social media—they recently abandoned their Sussex Royal Instagram account—Montagu believes we'll see them around once again sooner or later.

"I suspect if they're going to announce and create social media for Archewell. This is a new start. I'm just waiting for that," she predicted. "Then they need the Instagram — and we know that that's how they to release statements, which is what they have done with everything since they've been married. I don't see them not having one."

Montagu was in conversation with People to promote An American Aristocrat's Guide to Great Estates, a new show that she'll host on Smithsonian Channel beginning on May 17.