Prince Harry surprised royal fans by appearing on BBC's The One Show, paying tribute to war heroes as part of the show's coverage regarding the 75th anniversaty of the Victory in Europe Day, which took place on May 8th across the United Kingdom and Europe.

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As Hello reported, the show played an exclusive recorded video where Harry spoke to war veterans supported by the CASEVAC Club, a social club for people who have been severely injured during war conflicts. "Hello everybody, The One Show got in touch to ask if I could shine a light on a group of veterans that lots of people might not know about," Harry said. Then he spoke with families of WWII survivors who were seriously wounded during combat.

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Harry has been supporting war veterans for many years

Last week, speaking from his Los Angeles new home, Harry joined a Zoom call and talked to founding members of the CASEVAC Club, as well as to Maggie Wilson, widow of former GPC member Sandy Saunders and Andy Perry, son of former GPC member Jack Perry.

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Harry has been working on many projects, including the Invictus Games, where he has been supporting numerous war veterans over the past years.

Watch Harry's clip here: