Thomas the Tank Engine celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2020! As part of the milestone, the show will air a special episode titled Thomas & Friends: The Royal Engine, which pays tribute to the show's British heritage.

Prince Harry delivers a special introduction to the episode, which you can preview below. The Royal Engine also tells a story about Queen Elizabeth II and her son Prince Charles, as a child.

Prince Harry's introduction to Thomas & Friends: The Royal Engine

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The Duke of Sussex's full message reads: "Thomas the Tank Engine has been a comforting, familiar face to so many families over the last 75 years --entertaining, educating and inspiring children on important issues through exciting stories and characters." 

"I certainly have fond memories of growing up with Thomas & Friends and being transported to new places through his adventures," he continued. Prince Harry, in fact, was a noted fan of the show when he was a child.

"I am very proud to have been asked to take part in this special episode. I wish Thomas & Friends a very happy anniversary."

Prince Harry reportedly said that he "does not regret" his royal exit.

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Prince Harry's post-royal duties

The anniversary episode of Thomas & Friends comes to Netflix on May 1. In the episode, "Thomas" travels to London, England, where he crosses paths with the Queen and a young Prince Charles (who don't provide their own voices, sadly). Actress Rosamund Pike, meanwhile, voices the "royal" engine.

It's exciting news for royal fans and their young ones! The episode also airs just in time for the first birthday of Harry's son, Archie, which falls on May 6.

Yesterday, the Prince also launched his first post-royal project, the HeadFIT service for military mental health. This new Thomas & Friends video introduction was reportedly recorded back in January.