Meghan Markle wasn't afraid to show off her playful side during her recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! DeGeneres is known for having celebrities such as Adele and Dennis Quaid participate in her hidden camera pranks, and this time, it was the Duchess of Sussex's turn to get in on the silly segment.

Meghan talks to vendors about crystals, cupcakes, and cats

Meghan's "assistant" first tells the vendors on the Warner Bros. studio lot that the royal is visiting, and to treat her normally. However, what they don't know is that DeGeneres will tell her what to say and do over the course of the prank, leading to unexpected hilarity! Meghan's bizarre interactions throughout result in laughter from the studio audience, who watch the clip as it is shown. 

The royal first chats with a vendor selling crystals, following DeGeneres's instructions to place one on her head and hum. Next, the Duchess of Sussex asks to try some hot sauce on chips, which she's told to eat as if she were a chipmunk. Finally, Meghan and her "assistant" wear cat ears and sing a silly made-up song to someone selling cookies— which Meghan also samples in the same fashion as the hot sauce. While the vendors are oblivious to the prank, they gamely go along with her without question.


Finally, DeGeneres reveals herself to the vendor, who laughs upon realizing why Meghan was acting so strange. Meghan embraces the talk show host, then shouts out the vendors as she walks away. The prank wasn't the only fun Meghan moment on Ellen— the royal also revealed what Archie and Lilibet's Halloween costumes were. Since Meghan used to be an actress, it's not surprising that she wanted to play along with DeGeneres's game when given the chance, and it resulted in a very entertaining segment!