Does Queen Elizabeth strike you as a fan of reality TV? Probably not, but there is at least one person who believes that's the case: Thomas Markle Jr.

Markle, the estranged half-brother of Duchess Meghan, is currently on the new season of Big Brother VIP, which started on Nov. 1. On the show, he's already made comments about his sister and the Royal Family, and he's now even dragging the Queen into it.

Meghan's brother: "The Queen will watch" my reality show

In an interview for the show's launch, Markle told The Daily Telegraph that he is "100 per cent sure Meghan and Harry will watch" to see how he does on the reality competition.

But that wasn't all. Thomas apparently thinks Big Brother VIP has the attention of the highest ranks in the British monarchy. "I think even the Queen will watch it," he added.

The silly claim about the Queen is just one of the headlines Markle, 55, has made leading up to the reality show, which is now in its first week.

On the show, he's been getting personal with statements about his half-sister Meghan and her husband, recently predicting that Meghan will divorce Prince Harry similarly to how she ended her first marriage.

Thomas Markle Jr. Is Starting Drama With Meghan And Prince Harry Again

Markle is appearing on the celebrity show alongside a few other semi-notable names such as Caitlyn Jenner. Only 2 of 12 competitors have been eliminated so far, including reality star and Trump aide Omarosa.

If Harry, Meghan, and the Queen are truly watching, they're probably hoping the housemates evict Thomas Jr. sooner rather than later.

As half-siblings, Thomas and Meghan share the same father, Thomas Markle Sr. The Duchess of Sussex is estranged from her father and two half-siblings.

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