• The Sussexes California life is under scrutiny
  • An expert has accused Meghan Markle of taking advantage
  • THIS is what they claim

In the sun-soaked hills of Montecito, California, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are living a life that seems ripped straight from the pages of a Hollywood script. But not everyone's applauding. Critics claim Meghan is turning their life into an endless "prom event," with the couple's latest appearance at the ESPY Awards sparking controversy and debate.

Life in the Limelight

Charlotte Griffiths, the editor-at-large for the 'Mail' on Sunday, said on the Palace Confidential show, "I get the impression that life for Meghan Markle at the moment is a sort of prom event and [Harry] is the prom king and she’s the prom queen and she’s setting up all these events over the years that they can attend together."

The Duke and Duchess, along with their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, have made California their home, far from the royal spotlight but not out of the public eye.

Amidst this glitzy backdrop, whispers of discontent have emerged, with royal expert Tom Quinn revealing to 'The Mirror' that Harry misses his UK friends, who reportedly keep their distance due to their disapproval of Meghan.

Tom Quinn said, "There is a growing rift between Harry and Meghan caused by Meghan’s increasing concern that her life is not going in the direction she had planned."

The royal expert claimed that the former 'Suits' actress loves "media attention" and she "hates the fact that surveys suggest she and Harry are no longer of much interest to the American public."

Tom believes that Meghan has been feeling "much under siege" as the California-based couple's Netflix contract "may be under threat" and the 'mockery' greeted the launch of her online lifestyle brand, American Riveria Orchard.

It is also important to mention that the former working royal announced her comeback with a podcast series in partnership with Lemonada Media in February 2024.

However, reports are suggesting that Meghan will not be releasing any content until 2025 as she is finding it difficult to invite A-lister stars to the podcast. 

The latest chapter in their stateside saga comes with Prince Harry's receipt of the Pat Tillman Award for Service at the ESPY Awards on July 11.

The award, named after Pat Tillman, the footballer turned soldier who died in Afghanistan, is meant to honor those who've made significant contributions to the veteran community through sports.

Also interesting:

However, this decision has not gone unchallenged. Critics argue that Harry, despite his military service and charitable efforts, doesn't embody Tillman's legacy.

A Change.org petition even calls for ESPN to reconsider their choice, demanding an honoree who mirrors Tillman's "unwavering dedication to their squad and country."