• Meghan Markle is shifting her business model
  • She is stepping into the jam industry
  • Some believe she is stepping out of his shadow

This unexpected move has reportedly caused a wave of relief within the Royal Family, contrasting sharply with the anticipated release of a potentially revealing Royal book. But is this venture a genuine step towards peace, or is there more to the story?

Royal Relief or Strategic Shift?

Meghan Markile's latest entrepreneurial leap into the world of gourmet jams has everyone talking! Ditching the drama for delicious spreads, Meghan sent out 50 jars of her artisan jam to celebrity pals, showcasing her knack for lifestyle branding. But isn't it curious how this jammy journey has seemingly put Royal worries on the back burner?

Sources close to the Royal Family hint at a collective sigh of relief over Meghan's pivot. With all eyes on her, Meghan's choice to focus on American Riviera Orchard instead of spilling Royal beans in a tell-all book seems to be a strategic move.

Celebrity PR expert Waylon Tate suggests this is Meghan's way of carving out her own path, away from the shadow of Prince Harry and their previous Netflix and Spotify collaborations. Tate believes it is a statement move, hinting at a savvy business move that's all Meghan, no Harry.

He declares: "This is the emancipation of Meghan. It's her saying, 'I'm a smart, savvy businesswoman. And here's an introduction to my family on my terms'."

Clifton also noted: "Considering how much anticipation there was for Meghan's supposed 'tell-all-novel', her pivot into domestic goddess should surely mean there are a few sighs of relief around the palace...for now."

Despite Harry's 2021 memoir release, 'Spare', he reportedly put a stop to Meghan's memoir plans. PR guru Mayah Riaz told 'The Daily Mirror' that Harry's intervention was a "prudent" step.

She remarked: "If it is true that Prince Harry has 'blocked' Meghan from writing a memoir, this seems to be a prudent move in their efforts to build bridges with the Royal Family. It suggests that Harry intends to avoid further controversy and maintain a more positive relationship with his family."

Yet, with Harry's own memoir 'Spare' stirring the pot, one wonders if peace is truly on the menu. As the jam saga simmers, Meghan teases us with hints of her next venture: dog biscuits.

A time for new faces and new places

With friend Nacho Figueras flaunting a chic glass jar of treats, the Duchess seems to be embracing her domestic goddess role with gusto. But as fans eagerly await the official launch, one can't help but ponder: Is this just the beginning of Meghan's lifestyle empire, or a clever diversion from more controversial endeavors?

In the meantime there has been a painting of the ex-royal couple done. A Welsh artist has unveiled a new series of pieces including a depiction of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as historical royals.

Dan Llywelyn Hall has produced 10 new portraits inspired by royalty throughout history for the Society of Antiquaries as part of an new exhibition in London.

Prince Harry is depicted as Charles Edward Stuart, known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, while Meghan is portrayed as Dame Elizabeth Grey, Queen of England by marriage.

Mr Llywelyn Hall said he sees the "subject of royalty utterly irresistible and rich succour for art." He added: "In Harry's case, I have entered the story before he met Meghan - the young party-goer with his future very much in the balance, a bit like the Bonnie Prince I have likened him to.

Also interesting:

Meghan Markle's foray into the lifestyle brand arena with American Riviera Orchard is more than just about jam; it's a statement of independence and perhaps, a strategic move towards peace with the Royal Family.

As the world watches this unfold, one thing is clear: Meghan knows how to keep us guessing—and coming back for more.