The Duchess of Sussex has not spoken publicly about her relationship with her estranged father Thomas Markle, however her father has done quite the opposite. There has been no lack of controversy and bashing in the media concerning his daughter and a group of five close friends of the Duchess have now come forward to People with the truth. 

In many interviews, Thomas has said he has no way to get in touch with his daughter. That statement was made out to be a lie when Meghan's best friends told People, "He knows how to get in touch with her. Her telephone number hasn't changed, he's never called; he's never texted. It's super painful, because Meg was always so dutiful. I think she will always feel genuinely devastated by what he's done."

He Wouldn't Answer Her Calls

In the days leading up to Meghan and Harry's wedding, there was huge media attention surrounding Thomas and how he ultimately didn't show up to the wedding. He reportedly wouldn't answer any of Meghan or Harry's phone calls or texts and all she wanted was for her father to get on the plane and come to her wedding. According to her friends, "Meg heard he had a heart attack and she's calling and texting, even up to the night before the wedding. It was like, 'Please pick up. I love you, and I'm scared.' It was endless," according to People

"Stop victimizing me through the media"

After the wedding, Duchess Meghan wrote her father a letter. In the letter she wrote things like, "Dad, I'm so heartbroken. I love you. I have one father.  Please stop victimizing me through the media so we can repair our relationship." In the response she received from her father, he asked for a photo op with her which is the exact opposite of what Meghan asked for. 

Meghan's friends are worried that all the emotional trauma the Duchess has had to go through concerning her father, are really not good for her unborn child. We hope that Duchess Meghan can get some clarity and closure with her father, or at the very least that things become easier for the Duchess and mother-to-be.