Wendell Pierce (55) used to star as "Robert Zane", father to Duchess Meghan's (38) character "Rachel", on the popular network show Suits. The actor recently spoke to Metro.co.uk recently and addressed all the negative press that his former colleague has been facing in the past few weeks and months:

"There are people that don’t have our best interests at heart," Pierce said. "That’s the ugly side of human nature and you try to not focus on that — you try to focus on the good side of human nature."

Wendell Pierce: "I choose to focus on her patronage [...] of the charities..."

"It’s the same thing with Meghan. I choose to focus on her patronage of the arts, of the charities, of the abused women, of underserved communities. She was just at a charity in South Africa with a surfing school for at risk kids — taking the natural world as a connection for something that could actually help these kids make that the next step in their lives to a better future."

Wendell Pierce: Meghan "takes the high road!"

Wendell pierce continued: "The negative press is just an example of the ugly side of human nature, and she’s actually showing us when they take the low road, she takes the high road. So actually, by example she’s doing really well."

Pierce, who stars in season 2 of the hit Amazon show Jack Ryan, has a second run at the London West End coming up with his play Death of a Salesman. He revealed that he has in fact invited the Duchess to see him perform: "Since I’ve been here in London doing a play, I’ve commented with her and she sends word back," the actor said. "She was having a baby for the first half of the year, so hopefully I’ll see her on the second half of my run."

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