Mia Tindall, 6, could have a future in her dad's field of expertise. 

The eldest daughter of Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips recently hit the rugby pitch for the first time. An impressed Mike reflected on the proud moment in a new interview, saying that she's "a chip off the old block" and was actually "quite aggressive" during the game.

Mike Tindall: Rugby runs in the (royal) family

Tindall shared the family rugby story while on podcast The Good, The Bad & The Rugby, hosted by Alex Payne and former rugby star James Haskell. Tindall recently visited Minchinhampton, where he plays for the town's amateur RFC in league Gloucester 2.

While there, daughter Mia, 6, tried her hand at the sport. "She enjoyed it actually," Mike shared, "and she's going to do football for the first time this weekend as well."

"She's a chip off the old block," he added. "She just likes to truck it up, but we'll work on that." Asked about Mia's playing style, the father-of-two said, "she's quite aggressive."

"That's probably her mother?" Haskell asked, jokingly. "Yeah it's a combination of both I think," Tindall replied.

Mike and Zara Tindall have 2 children, daughters Mia and Lena

Since the couple's 2011 royal wedding, Mike and Zara Tindall have welcomed two daughters, Lena, 2, and Mia, 6 — the rugby star in the making.

Mike Tindall and Daughter Mia, 6, Share Father-Daughter Moment

The family lives at Gatcombe Park, near Minchinhampton, and the home of Zara's mother, Princess Anne. Last month, Mike and Zara demonstrated an at-home COVID-19 testing system, in a video that showed them testing negative for the disease.

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