• Mistakes at the Queen's funeral
  • A wrong invitation was sent
  • She was sent back  

A few days ago the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II took place. The mega event was a huge organizational challenge- no wonder there were a couple of errors. As has now become public, they mistakenly sent out the wrong invitation. 

Queen's funeral: Crown Princess Mary was uninvited 

Crown Princess Mary (50) of Denmark received a message that she was invited to the Queen's funeral. However, only two royals were allowed to travel per royal house. Queen Margrethe (82) and Crown Prince Frederik (54) were already present at the funeral – so there was no more room for Mary.

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Fortunately, the mistake was spotted in time and the Foreign Ministry sent an apology to Denmark. According to this, the error probably happened because there was confusion with the sheer volume of invitations that had to be sent. Certainly, Mary didn't blame the organizers for this mistake.