• Cinderella at the Palace
  • The heartwarming story of Anne-Sophie
  • Enchanting twist on Prince Christian's 18th birthday

Prince Christian of Denmark's 18th birthday extravaganza at Christiansborg Palace was a regal affair, with nobles from across Europe adorned in their most opulent gowns and tiaras. However, after the enchanting night drew to a close, a sparkling heel was found left behind, setting in motion a search for the mysterious guest.

The modern-day Cinderella behind the palace's enchanting surprise

The true-life Cinderella, who inadvertently left her shoe at the grand celebration, has now been revealed, and it turns out she was the mastermind behind this fairy tale twist. Anne-Sofie Tørnsø Olesen has stepped forward as the owner of the misplaced stiletto discovered at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, following the gala in honor of Prince Christian's milestone.

Anne-Sophie, an 18-year-old student, was among the 200 young attendees representing Denmark's 98 municipalities, including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, and she was there on behalf of the Egedal Municipality. However, she decided to add a touch of magic to the evening by recreating the classic children's story, intentionally leaving behind a solitary shoe.

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"I intended it to be a fairy tale ending, just like Cinderella," Anne-Sophie explained to Danish outlet Se Og Hør. "I found it rather amusing, and I discussed it with my family and friends beforehand, and they agreed that I should do it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Anne-Sophie Olesen: Spreading Joy

In another interview with Ekstra Bladet, she added, "I'm single. I don't have a boyfriend. But that's not why I did it. I thought it was funny, and besides, there's so much conflict in the world right now. So it felt nice to focus on the joyful moments in life. It's a little glimmer of hope and happiness."

As for her missing shoe, Olesen mentioned that she hasn't received any word from the Palace about its return, but she doesn't mind. Her only wish is that the story brings a smile to people's faces.