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This exciting event took place on a Sunday at Stade Velodrome in Marseille, France. The day prior, Prince William and Prince George, 10, were seen enjoying a Wales vs. Argentina rugby match. The legendary rugby figure, Sir Bill Beaumont CBE, had the pleasure of informing Kate that her eldest son had thoroughly relished a pizza.

With a grin, Princess Kate mentioned in a behind-the-scenes clip that was shared by @RoyallyBelle_ on X, "He certainly indulged in it." According to this fan blog, Kate and Beaumont had a brief exchange in which Kate remarked about how much fun George had at the match, to which the World Rugby chairman responded, “He definitely savored that pizza."

"Yes, I heard about that," Princess Kate replied with a laugh as she continued down the line, exchanging handshakes.

In a pleasant surprise, Prince George joined his father at Stade Velodrome on the preceding Saturday. Both were dressed in matching navy suits and red ties to witness Wales play. Prince William, who is also 41 years old, is a long-standing patron of the Welsh Rugby Union and has frequently brought Prince George along to sporting events in the past.

Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union Britain's Prince William, Prince of Wales (R) guides his son Prince George of Wales (L) during the France 2023 Rugby World Cup quarter-final match between Wales and Argentina at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, south-eastern France, on October 14, 2023.

Back in July, father and son attended an England vs. Australia cricket match during the Ashes Test at Lord's in London. At that event, Prince George was spotted enjoying a slice of pizza from a personal-sized box, while his dad engaged in conversation with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Kate had previously mentioned that all of her children, including Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5), share a love for pizza and have even made it together at home. She once shared, "I've done that with George and Charlotte – making pizza dough. They love it because they can get their hands messy."

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However, celebrity chef Aldo Zilli had previously disclosed that Prince George's favorite meal is a different Italian dish. He mentioned, "I'm waiting for the call because apparently [Prince William's] little boy's favorite is spaghetti carbonara, so I'm waiting for the call to go and cook it for him," in an interview with the Daily Mail in 2020.

While the Wales vs. Argentina quarterfinal may not have unfolded as Prince William and Prince George had hoped, with the Welsh team losing 17 to 29 and exiting the World Cup, Princess Kate can continue to root for England as the team advances in the tournament. She appeared to be a good luck charm for the squad, as England emerged victorious against Fiji with a score of 30 to 24 during that exciting match on Sunday.

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