• George, Charlotte, and Louis attend school
  • But there they are not addressed by their titles
  • Instead, like other children, they have first and last names

As children of the British royal family, Prince George (10), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) bear the titles "His/Her Royal Highness" and "Prince" and "Princess" respectively. However, the British media are certain that they will not be addressed by their titles at school.

George and Charlotte: Nobility titles are renounced at school

Far from court protocol, Princess Charlotte and Prince George can be addressed by the short and "inconspicuous" surname Cambridge. This is derived from the highest title of their father Prince William, who is Duke of Cambridge.

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Media, such as 'Hello!', assume that the children of Princess Kate and Prince William will therefore be called simply Charlotte Cambridge, George Cambridge, and Louis Cambridge. This surname is intended to attract less attention. 

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Since the Marriage of the Queen (†96) with her husband Prince Philip (†99), the British royals actually go by the family name Mountbatten-Windsor. The name Windsor has been the official name of the royal house since 1917, and Mountbatten is the English variant of the German name Battenberg, which Prince Philip brought with him into the royal house.

If George and Charlotte are addressed without a title of nobility, their names are thus George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.