• British royals are very invested in new series and films and keep up with all the trends
  • Every royal member has their personal favourites
  • Surprisingly, they like to watch lots of reality TV 

Just like us, royals are also obsessed with the same movies and TV shows we are. William and Kate are Game of Thrones fans and were clearly as obsessed with finding out what would happen as any other fan. 

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Here Are Some Of Their Favourite Pastimes
Royal Family Members' Favourite Series And Films

In July 2017, the two met actor Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H'ghar) at an event, and apparently asked him to reveal some spoilers. However, it seems that they don't usually watch the shows live, as he said that they both enjoy box sets. There's one thing millions of us have in common with the future king and queen of Britain!

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