• Duchess Kate made a few visits on April 27
  • At her side was Princess Anne
  • These are the royal duo's first dates together

Duchess Kate, 40, has officially been part of the British Royal Family for over 10 years and has made countless appearances. So far, however, she had not had any appointments with a certain royal.

The royal duo: Duchess Kate and Princess Anne 

On April 27, Duchess Kate and Princess Anne, 71, visited various organizations related to health care for pregnant women and mothers. Up until then, the two women had only appeared together as part of family events.

Now they completed their first appointment as a duo. For the outing, Duchess Kate opted for a beige dress by Self Portrait with embroidery. Princess Anne, on the other hand, chose a teal coat dress with a matching scarf (photo above).

Also interesting:

The two royals seemed to have a lot of fun together. Princess Anne, who suffered greatly from the loss of her father Prince Philip, even shared an anecdote from her own pregnancy.

Duchess Kate and Princess Anne caused laughter

Princess Anne revealed she was afraid one of her babies would become "wedged" when she fell heavily pregnant in a horse-drawn carriage. The story caused a lot of laughter, according to the Daily Mail.

Duchess Kate, who has changed a lot over the years, and Princess Anne are passionate about motherhood and health — no wonder they chose this performance as their debut together.

Princess Anne is the aunt of Kate's husband, Prince William.