• Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are no longer well received by the British
  • What does the US public think of the royals?
  • THIS is their opinion

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are constantly criticized due to the actions and decisions they take. Meghan is especially criticized due to her behavior toward the Queen and her accusations against the British royal family. In Great Britain, the popularity rating of the couple has dropped drastically, as a survey by the British opinion research institute "YouGov" shows.

What do the American people think of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry?

But what do the American people think of the two royals who have chosen their country as their home? There is also a survey on this topic on "YouGov". On its website, the company has conducted a poll by asking this question:

"From what you've read and heard, how much sympathy, if any, do you have for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex)?" The results (as of September 2022) are relatively balanced. "Some" and "not very much" voted about 20 percent of the participants, each.

Also Interesting:

"Very much" sympathy has the fewest participants (with 10 percent). Others have never thought about them at all. And the highest percentage (30 percent) has "no sympathy at all" for the royal couple. It turns out that Harry and Meghan receive both positive, and negative opinions in America as well. 

Recently, Meghan hit the headlines again with her interview in the magazine The Cut which triggered a debate about her.