• Harry and William did not inherit the Althorp estate
  • It belonged to Lady Diana
  • Instead, it went to HIM

Prince Harry and Prince William inherited many of their mother Lady Diana's possessions after her tragic death in 1997. Diana died in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, when her driver Henri Paul fled from paparazzi. Diana's boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed also died in the accident.

HE inherits the home of Lady Diana

The two princes received the majority of Diana's fortune as well as many of her valuable pieces of jewelry. But one important legacy will not go to them: the Althorp estate, Diana's home. Instead, the estate will pass to her nephew Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp.

Also interesting:

The Althorp estate has belonged to the Spencer family since 1508 and is to remain so. Louis has three older sisters, but due to the aristocratic inheritance system, the estate is passed on to the eldest male descendant...

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