For over a year now, Prince Andrew has found himself directly implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein, child sex-trafficking saga that gripped the entire world, and is still making headlines even today. The FBI have long requested that Prince Andrew fly to the United States and testify as to what he knew about Epstein's operation, and how the prince himself was involved. This came after direct sexual abuse accusations were leveled towards Prince Andrew early last year!

Virginia Giuffre alleges that Prince Andrew, sexually assaulted her at the age of 17. She says this occurred after she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein himself. The prince has consistently denied the allegations time and again, including in an infamous 2019 interview where he claimed he is unable to sweat. 

Oh No! Queen Elizabeth Won't Pay Andrew's Legal Fees

Queen Elizabeth Won't Pay Andrew's Legal Fees

All signs point to Andrew being guilty of everything he is being accused of, and public opinion has sharply turned against him in recent times. Well, it looks like his own family might be deserting him now as well!

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly refusing to pay for the prince's legal fees as he waits to learn whether he will actually face trial in the United States over the sexual abuse allegations. She instead will be having Andrew forcefully sell his $34M chalet in the Swiss Alps to cover the expenses! Talk about royal punishment!

It has become very clear to those following the story that this is massive embarrassment for the British royal family, and the Queen has been quick to distance herself from the official investigations. It remains to be seen whether or not Andrew is found guilty, and if so, what that could mean for the future of the royal family.

Only time will tell...but things aren't looking too good at all for Prince Andrew!