• England's Prime Minister Liz Truss reports on the death of the Queen
  • Here is her statement

Liz Truss was officially inducted into her new post as Prime Minister by the Queen on Tuesday. In a press statement she now explains after the death of the Queen:

"Today the Crown passes - as it has done for more than a thousand years - to our new monarch, our new head of state: His Majesty King Charles III. With the King's family, we mourn the loss of his mother. And as we mourn, we must come together as a people to support him.”

After the death of the Queen: Prime Minister Liz Truss is in touch

The present time is the "End of the Second Elizabethan Era". Finally, she says a simple but impressive: "God save the King".

Also Interesting:

Those words have not been officially said since the Queen's father, King George VI, ascended the throne. It is truly the end of an era.