• Princess Charlene has dealt with many health problems
  • It led to much time away from Monaco and her husband
  • Prince Albert says things are trending in the right direction

The last two years have not been easy on Princess Charlene. For the royal, the health problems never seem to go away.

For an extended period of time in 2021, she was even unable to return to Monaco from her native South Africa due to an ENT infection.

After she returned home, the Royal Family announced that Charlene would go to a clinic outside Monaco for a few months. She then came back for good at the end of 2021.

Prince Albert gets candid on how Charlene is doing now

So 2022 was a year of healing for her. Her husband Prince Albert now gives a health update on his wife. "I'm really proud of my wife," the Prince tells People magazine.

"Charlene's doing really well. As you can see for yourself, she's been active in any number of different events.

"Charlene's engaging more in public life and looking after things that she's passionate about."

Albert's interview only hints at how intense the past few years must have been for his wife.

Prince Albert reflects on his wife's health troubles

Prince Albert says, "Last year was a very tough year for her — and the beginning of this year. And she's really turned it around in an incredible way."

Also interesting:

This difficult time seems to have brought Albert and Charlene even closer together.

"My wife's been visiting different Monaco establishments like The Red Cross and visiting people in their homes.

"She's really enjoying doing things together and with the kids, so this year is ending on a very, a very high note.

"We're truly thrilled about how things are, Albert says about his wife," reports Prince Albert.

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