• Prince Albert celebrated his birthday
  • He turned 65 years old
  • THIS was what his children had planned for him

Prince Albert of Monaco celebrated his 65th birthday on March 14th. As he revealed in a People interview, he spent this day with his family. The twins Jacques and Gabriella (both 8) had a very special plan for their dad on his birthday.

"It's going to be very subdued. We'll have a little family lunch on Tuesday. Afterward, when the children return from school, I'm going to be kidnapped. Really. I've been told to be available to be kidnapped. At 5:30," said Albert to People.

Prince Albert spent his birthday with his family

Albert further reveals: "They want to take me to a play at a theatre, but actually, I've only been warned I'm going to be kidnapped." Seems as if the Prince was in for some fun.

Also interesting:

While his birthday is apparently a big deal for Albert's children, the royal himself isn't so sure. "Sixty-five has some resonance, I suppose, but for me, it's just another birthday. It's not a milestone," he revealed.

And what was the result of the kidnapping of Prince Albert? As the palace announces on Instagram, Albert and his wife Princess Charlène were actually invited to a theatrical performance by the twins. The play “The Witch in the Broom Closet” was created especially for the occasion.