• Prince Charles was a guest in Birmingham
  • There, a fan wanted to know something from him
  • The royal's response caused laughter

On a trip to Birmingham, where Prince Charles (73) attended the Commonwealth Games, there was a funny fan interaction. With his relaxed response to a specific question, the British heir to the throne's followers are freaking out.

Prince Charles reacts so easily to a fan question

A TikTok video shows Prince Charles making his way through the crowd. A man can be heard in the background and he has a special request. He wants to invite the royal to have a beer in the pub.

@andrewgould6 Charles go for a beer #charles #princecharles #b2022 #birmingham22 #commonwealthgames #princeofwales #royal #beer #lol #gofor #viral ♬ original sound - Andrew Gould

"Charles, Charles, are you going to go for a beer?" the man calls out to the Prince. Due to the babble of voices, he only understands what the fan wants from him the second time around. And what does he answer? In fact, Charles just wants to know: "Where?“

With his relaxed reaction, he triggers thunderous laughter from the fans - we have rarely seen the royal so relaxed. The fact that Prince Charles likes to have a beer, is no secret. He often treats himself to a cool blond at public appearances.

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