But is this a bold step forward or a misstep in the wake of their Spotify podcast fallout? Dive into the royal couple's digital domain and discover the buzz behind Sussex.com!

Royal Reboot or Royal Ruse? Harry & Meghan's Slick New Site Sparks Debate!

Never shy about their ambitions, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have rolled out the red carpet for their latest project – a shiny new website that screams "We're here to stay!" But hold onto your crowns, because this isn't just any website; it's a bold statement that they're "shaping the future through business and philanthropy."

Meghan's page is a glowing testament to her podcast, Archetypes, calling it “a record-breaking podcast” that reigned supreme in 47 countries. But whispers in the wind tell a different tale – one where the podcast's sparkle faded faster than a shooting star, slipping down to 22 on Spotify's U.S. charts. Critics are wagging their tongues, calling out the show's same-old tune.

The Duchess boasts of awards "after its first season," but the elephant in the room? No encore for a second season was ever announced, despite the hefty $20 million Spotify deal. Just 12 episodes saw the light of day – is this the sound of success?

Meghan's children's book, The Bench, gets the royal treatment on her bio as "acclaimed," but the critics' quills have been dipped in sarcasm. The New York Times couldn't resist poking fun at what they dubbed "the tortured rhyme and reason of Meghan Markle." Is this a case of the pen being mightier than the royal word?

"Show Up, Do Good" is the couple's rallying cry, but some can't help but raise an eyebrow at what's been dubbed "classic Meghan word salad." Is their charitable vision a guiding light or just gilded words?

Also interesting:

The new digital home for the Sussexes paints Harry as a champion of various noble causes and Meghan as a feminist force. Yet, some see this as a thinly veiled attempt to monetize their royal mystique. But a source "close to the couple" defends their right to the Sussex name, calling it an undeniable fact.

In the world of celebrity and royalty, Harry and Meghan's new website is the latest chapter in their saga. Is it a fresh start or a faux pas? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aren't stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon.