• Prince Harry leaves London 24 hours after arriving
  • The Prince visited his King Charles after cancer news
  • He was spotted at London’s Heathrow airport

Prince Harry has made a lightning-fast exit from London, causing a media frenzy just a day after touching down! The royal heartthrob was spotted at Heathrow, ducking out of the exclusive Windsor Suite this morning. Paparazzi were on high alert, capturing every elusive move of the prince!

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What Happens When King Charles Dies?

In a twist that's got everyone talking, Harry opted for hotel luxury over royal quarters last night, a clear sign of the times since he and Meghan Markle waved goodbye to Frogmore Cottage at King Charles' behest.

During his brief stint, Harry managed a 30 to 45-minute heart-to-heart with his dad at Clarence House. But before you could say "family reunion," Charles and Camilla (75, Queen Consort) were off to Buckingham Palace, whisked away to Sandringham by chopper. The King's departure was a spectacle, with helicopter blades chopping the air as if to underline the swift nature of Harry's visit.

The Duke's complicated family dynamics

The Duke's relationship with his royal kin has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. His tell-all memoir, "Spare," spilled the tea on the silent treatment between him, his father, and his brother, Prince William (40, Prince of Wales). Despite the frosty family dynamics, Harry's words paint a picture of a father struggling to express his affection, opting for letters over face-to-face warmth.

While Harry's UK cameo was brief, it's left us all wondering if he rubbed shoulders with any other royals. Insiders confirm that a William-Harry rendezvous was not on the cards, with the Prince of Wales busy with his first public outing post-Kate's (41, Duchess of Cambridge) surgery.

Harry's UK pit stops have become as fleeting as a British summer since he set up shop in California. His last visits were blink-and-you-miss-it affairs, including a quick drop-in for the WellChild Awards and a sub-48-hour stay for Charles' coronation.

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But don't fret, royal watchers! Harry and Meghan are soon off to Canada, gearing up for a three-day extravaganza celebrating the Invictus Games 2025. It's set to be a snowy spectacle in Vancouver and Whistler, and we can't wait to see the Sussex sparkle on the wintry stage!