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Harry & Meghan May Visit The UK Again Before End Of The Year

Harry & Meghan Could Visit UK Again Sooner Than Expected

Prince Harry left the UK just days ago, but he could be back again in the near future. UK outlets are reporting that the Duke of Sussex will likely return in September for a newly-developing ceremony for Princess Diana. And Duchess Meghan is apparently invited too. Here are all the details.

If you enjoy seeing Prince Harry reunite with the Royal Family, you could be in luck again soon.

The Duke spent the last week in his homeland before heading back to the US on Saturday. But reports are now saying he may visit the UK again in September for another ceremony related to Princess Diana — and Duchess Meghan could join him on the trip.

Prince Harry visiting UK again in 2021 — with Meghan?

Today, The Sun reported that Kensington Palace is planning an event in September as a follow-up to the Princess Diana statue unveiling of earlier this week.

The guest list was reduced due to COVID-19, so a new gathering would allow a reunion with everyone involved in the memorial project, the report says. And that's where Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan come in.

Prince Harry and Meghan could visit the UK again in September 2021.

UK outlets say Prince Harry "is due to return" for the September event, which would come in 10 weeks' time. Meghan is apparently invited as well, but sources told Daily Mail that "the date may still be too early" for her to travel after giving birth in June.

Harry, Meghan returning to UK before Platinum Jubilee in 2022?

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do attend this Diana ceremony, it would accelerate the expected timeline for their next UK visit. Initially, the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 was viewed as a likely date for their next reunion with the royals.

No official announcement for the September ceremony has come at this time, but we'll have a close eye on news of Prince Harry and possibly Meghan's upcoming UK return.

Prince William And Prince Harry Reveal Princess Diana Statue

Harry was just in the UK this last week to unveil a statue of Princess Diana on what would've been her 60th birthday.

He reunited with Prince William at the ceremony but quickly left England to be with Meghan. The Duchess of Sussex gave birth four weeks ago and recently had a death in her family — her uncle Michael Markle.