Prince Harry Returns To California To Support Meghan Through Mourning

Prince Harry Returns To California To Support Meghan Through Mourning

Prince Harry is now on his way back to Los Angeles to his wife and kids. Meghan Markle sadly just lost her uncle so Harry is returning from the statue unveiling to support her.

Prince William and Prince Harry had a successful unveiling of the gorgeous Princess Diana statue. Now Harry is quickly returning to Montecito to support his wife through a difficult time.

Prince Harry Returning To Los Angeles

Sadly, Meghan's uncle Michael Markle has passed away so Harry is returning home to help support his wife. He and his older brother Prince William attended the beautiful unveiling of their late mother's statue at Kensington Palace

The pair formed a united front and were all smiles while finally seeing the long-awaited piece of art for Princess Diana's 60th birthday. The brothers reunited with their mother's siblings at the unveiling as well. 

Prince William and Prince Harry after revealing Princess Diana statue.

Harry is now en route to Montecito to return to his wife Meghan and his two children. Sadly, Meghan is estranged from some of her family members on the Markle side and anyone who has had family turmoil can understand how sensitive the situation may be for both Meghan and her estranged father.

Meghan and her father Thomas have not spoken since he admittedly lied to his daughter about staging photos for profit for the paparazzi and then blackmailing her live on air. Thomas has been speaking quite negatively about his daughter, son-in-law, and the Royal family while simultaneously begging her for a relationship so it would be a surprise if Meghan attended the funeral. 

For now, Meghan will be mourning the sad loss of her uncle she had a wonderful relationship with from the privacy of her own home. Mike Markle passed away at 82 from Parkinson's disease.