Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage has reportedly weathered the storm of an unexpectedly stressful first few months away from the U.K.

In a new report, a source close to the couple informed ET that "their relationship is stronger than ever" despite the "bittersweet" move and royal exit.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from their duties as senior royals on March 31. Since that time, they've lived on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and they are currently seeking out a permanent home in a gated community in Los Angeles.

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Harry and Meghan's post-royal life in quarantine

The source added that "one of their happiest times was when they first got to Canada and no one knew they were there and they could hang out with friends, go hiking, and play outside with their 1-year-old son, Archie."

But that type of lifestyle has changed, seeing as they've since been quarantined in L.A. amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with reports of concerning drone activity above their home.

In this regard, quarantine has led to the continuation of some of Meghan's misgivings about royal life.

"It's a bit ironic because one of the things that was making Meghan unhappy about living in the U.K. was that she felt isolated and she missed her friends," the source told ET. "But now she's back in the U.S., which is what she wanted, but is isolated and can't see her friends."

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are settling into post-royal life

But ET did report that Harry and Meghan are "doing great" all things considered, and that they "are relieved to have less pressures and commitments."

They are reportedly aware that life in L.A. won't come without media attention, but they look forward to managing their appearances and being selective about which projects they focus on.

In recent weeks, for example, Harry has made appearances in support of the Invictus Games and young volunteers with Sport at the Heart. Meghan, meanwhile, has spoken out on the Black Lives Matter protests, and penned the foreword to a report for Mayhew, a U.K. animal rights charity.

The couple has otherwise remained offline since abandoning their social media presence in March.

And it appears as though these moves have been nothing but beneficial to their relationship and family life with Archie.