Is Prince Harry walking away from the Royal Family? The Duke of Sussex said no to that during his new interview with James Corden.

This week, Harry joined Corden's talk show for a fun interview that included a tour of Los Angeles and a run through an obstacle course. But there were also a few moments of serious questioning, such as when Corden asked about Prince Harry's "monumental decision" to have "walked away" from the Royal Family.

Prince Harry says he's not "walking away" from Royal Family

Harry answered Corden by taking issue with the "walking away" language and took time to explain why he made the decision and what it means to him.

Prince Harry: Not "Walking Away" From Royal Family

Watch the video above for Prince Harry on why he's not "walking away" from the Royal Family despite he and Duchess Meghan permanently leaving behind their royal duties.

You can also see here all the new facts Harry shared about his son Archie in the interview, and see here the highlights of the appearance.

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