• Prince Harry shares personal video from home
  • He champions inspirational youngsters
  • After losing legal battle

In a stirring message from his sunny California abode, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has captured hearts once again! The royal advocate is shining a spotlight on the "extraordinary strength and spirit" of young champions battling complex medical conditions. Harry's rallying cry? Nominate the heroes that move you for the 2024 WellChild Awards!

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Dressed in a casual grey shirt, Harry's laid-back vibe couldn't mask his passionate plea. The prince is no stranger to adversity, having just faced a legal defeat over his UK security. Yet, his spirit remains unshaken as he honors the "immense courage and compassion" of these young warriors and their support networks.

Harry's not just a royal; he's a cheerleader for these brave souls! He's urging YOU to step up and nominate the remarkable individuals who inspire you. Your voice can spotlight the resilience and positivity that these kids and their families showcase every day.

Harry's legal hurdle: The fight for fairness

Since 2007, Harry has stood by WellChild, a charity dear to his heart. He's flown across the pond to celebrate these inspirational youngsters, even amidst personal tribulations and legal battles. The Duke's dedication to the cause is as unwavering as his commitment to fair treatment under the law.

The Duke's not looking for special treatment, folks! His legal team asserts he's after a "fair and lawful application" of the rules. Despite the setback, Harry's eyes are set on the Court of Appeal, seeking justice in a battle for a risk assessment he deems he's rightfully owed.

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