• Harry and Meghan joined by Michael Bublé in Canada
  • They team up for an exciting curling game
  • They all look very excited

It was a royal rumble on the rink as Prince Harry, the dashing Duke of Sussex, and his radiant wife, Meghan Markle, joined vocal virtuoso Michael Bublé for a spin on the slippery side of sportsmanship – wheelchair curling! The dynamic duo was all smiles and cheers at Vancouver's Hillcrest Community Centre, where the Invictus Games' "One Year to Go" celebration was in full swing.

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The prince himself took to the ice, pushing stones with gusto and a glint of competitive fire in his eyes. "Sitting is harder," Harry quipped, as Bublé's encouragement echoed through the chilly arena. Meghan, ever the supportive spouse, watched from the sidelines, her applause as warm as a Canadian maple syrup hug.

. 16/02/2024. Vancouver, Canada. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, at a curling centre in

Harry's inspiring words and Meghan's captured moments

The Duke didn't just play; he preached! From the frosty floor, Harry reflected on the Invictus Games' journey and the unbreakable spirit of its competitors. "Every single one of you inspire me," he declared, his words melting hearts like ice in the spring.

While Harry was busy being a sports star, Meghan wasn't just a spectator. She captured the action, preserving memories of her husband's daredevil skeleton run and sit-skiing prowess. Talk about a power couple!

Invictus Games: A winter wonderland

The Invictus Games are about to get a whole lot cooler with the addition of alpine skiing, snowboarding, and more! Dominic Reid, the CEO of the Games, spills the beans to PEOPLE, promising an exhilarating 2025 event.

Canada holds a special place in the Sussexes' hearts, being the backdrop of their first family holiday and their public debut as a couple. Now, they're back, bringing their love and legacy to the snowy stages of Vancouver and Whistler.

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