• Prince Harry and Meghan spent Valentine's Day in Canada
  • Many critics weren't happy 
  • The couple slammed them in return

Despite the backlash and King Charles' (75) recent cancer diagnosis, the royal couple stands firm, launching their new website and celebrating their independence.

The couple is not taking it lightly

Amid the frosty peaks of British Columbia, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle glide over controversy as effortlessly as they do over snow! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, not ones to shy away from a challenge, have hit back at critics with a cool defiance that's as sharp as their skis.

The royal rebels have been the talk of the town—no, the world!—as they visited the training camp for the 2025 Invictus Games. "They're still here," their rep told the 'Mirror', brushing off the naysayers like snowflakes on a parka.

"This couple will not be broken," they declared, and we can't help but agree!

While some grumbled about their snowy sojourn amidst King Charles' health woes, the couple showed they're not ones to be kept on ice.

'The Telegraph's' sharp words couldn't cool their spirits, as they were given a frosty "three days to prove they can behave" in Vancouver. But Harry and Meghan? They're all about breaking the ice and setting their own course!

The launch of Sussex.com has stirred up a snowstorm of opinions. Critics call it "self-serving," while fans are divided. "Umm, these two nincompoops do realize they are not 'Sussex,' right?" one commenter quipped.

But Meghan, ever the fan of a good glow-up, praised the page's shiny new design. As for Harry, he's more focused on his father's health than a flurry of online chatter.

Also interesting:

The Duchess, with her coat of arms emblazoned on the site, and the Duke, leaving his seal aside, have taken the high road. Harry's visit to his ailing father shows where his heart truly lies.

"Harry is more concerned about the health and well-being of the King," a source revealed to the Times. And with that, the Sussexes have once again shown that they're a force to be reckoned with, no matter the weather.