• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a power couple
  • They spent Valentine's Day in Canada
  • THIS is the story

The royal couple launched their new website and embraced the cold, all while preparing for the 2025 Invictus Games. This article delves into their snowy escapade, family updates, and the potential impact of their latest moves on the royal narrative.

They are so in love

Love was in the air and on the slopes this Valentine's Day as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, our favorite royal rebels, stepped out hand-in-hand into the bone-chilling beauty of Whistler, Canada. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex weren't just there to snuggle up in the snow – oh no! They were on a mission to launch their brand-spanking-new Sussex website and to support the brave competitors of the 2025 Invictus Games.

Meghan, the ever-stunning Duchess, was a vision in winter white, rocking a chic black beanie and fur boots that screamed 'fashion meets frostbite.' Harry, not to be outdone, donned a grey beanie and a puffer jacket that said, "I'm royal, but I can chill, too."

And chill they did, with Harry hitting the slopes in a specially-adapted wheelchair, proving once again that he's the prince of the people.

Just when you thought the Sussex saga couldn't get more intriguing, sources spilled the tea to Page Six that the Sussex kiddos, Archie and Lilibet, will now be sporting the surname 'Sussex.'
A nod to unity and a dash of modernity, the name change is a symbol of their fresh start, away from the Mountbatten-Windsor moniker of old.

The new Sussex site is sleek, it's chic, and it's got their coat of arms – wait, what? Yep, despite promises to ditch the royal regalia stateside, the Sussexes have slapped that shiny emblem right on their digital domain. Will this bold move ruffle royal feathers? Only time will tell.

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As whispers of King Charles' health and Kate Middleton's recent surgery swirl, the world watches with bated breath. Will Harry address these delicate topics, or will he keep mum? Stay tuned, folks, because this royal rollercoaster is far from over.