• Queen Elizabeth II is dead
  • She passed away on Thursday
  • Prince Harry didn't make it to her before she died

Queen Elizabeth II is dead. She passed away Thursday afternoon, as Buckingham Palace confirmed. It also became clear that Prince Harry wasn't able to be there to see her on time.

Prince Harry arrived after her death

As the BBC reports and shows in a video, Prince Harry's car arrived at Balmoral Castle in Scotland after the death of the British monarch.

His family, Prince William, Charles, Camilla, and other royals had already arrived before him. He wasn't able to say goodbye in person.

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The Royal happened to be traveling around Europe but wasn't close enough to be there on time. His loved ones, who remain on Balmoral, for now, are sure to give him their emotional support.

Prince Harry: Now his father is King

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles is now King. He has already announced what name he will take after the coronation: King Charles III.