• Prince Harry talked all about Camilla in a new interview
  • He accused his stepmother of leaking stories to the press
  • Harry believes Queen Camilla is "dangerous"

Harry versus Camilla! In an interview about his new memoir Spare, Prince Harry goes after Queen Consort Camilla.

On CBS's 60 Minutes, Harry reveals that Camilla constantly leaked stories about the Royal Family to the British media to improve her own image.

Prince Harry calls out Queen Camilla in TV interview

Camilla did this, Harry claims, because the press portrayed her as the villain after the breakup of Charles and Diana's marriage, and her reputation was damaged as a result.

"That made her dangerous, because of the connections that she was forging within the British press," Prince Harry explains to CBS. "There was open willingness on both sides to trade information."

Also interesting:

Harry used to worry about Camilla's actions in particular, given her future position in the Royal Family.

"With a family built on hierarchy, and with her, on the way to being Queen Consort, there was gonna be people or bodies left in the street," he further states.

He and William did not even want Charles and Camilla to marry back in the day. "We didn't think it was necessary. We thought that it was gonna cause more harm than good and that if he was now with his person, that – surely that's enough."

We can't wait to see what else comes to light in Harry's memoir!

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