• There's a new controversy for the British royal family
  • Prince Harry recently released his memoir
  • Harry alleges that he and William tried to stop a royal wedding

These are still turbulent times for the British royal family, as the internal fighting and finger pointing continues. And Prince Harry's new memoir Spare doesn't seem to be helping wounds to heal. As is to be expected, these new revelations have become an international headline!

Prince Harry is letting it out come out

The book contains many explosive details about Harry's life in the royal family and what led to their falling away. But perhaps none more shocking than the latest to be reported which is the bombshell that...

Also interesting:

...Prince Harry and Prince William actually begged their father, now King Charles III, not to marry his current wife Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles! After all this time, Harry wants to clear the air about what happened all those years ago.

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