In a moving letter, Prince Harry has applauded the the work done by one of the charities that was very near and dear to the heart of his late mother, Princess Diana. With his message, the Duke of Sussex thanked the staff of the Halo Trust for continuing to remove landmines despite the raging pandemic and providing COVID-19 support to locals in Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia.

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The Duke wrote: "In these trying times, hope comes from the light of our common humanity. Nowhere is that light burning brighter than at the Halo Trust. As countries closed their borders, lockdowns came into force and international travel became harder, many might have chosen to suspend operations. Instead, Halo kept open a presence in all 25 of its country operations."

Prince Harry retraced his mother's steps last September when he went to Angola, where Diana (pictured above) once famously walked through an only partially cleared mine field in 1997 to highlight the work of the Halo Trust. The Duke walked down the same stretch of land where the minefield once was in Huambo, which is now actually a bustling community.

Prince Harry: "I salute you"

Harry also lauded the Halo Trust's response to the COVID-19 outbreak by saying: "Halo might just have stuck to its core role, but I would also like to salute you for pivoting so quickly to meet the challenges unexpectedly presented by the pandemic."

"It is at times like this that the work and efforts of people like you - prepared to do whatever it takes to help, serve and protect others - shines through. In sometimes hazardous and dangerous situations, your commitment to your communities and people who need your help is remarkable. I am hugely proud to be able to support such an extraordinary organisation."

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